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'The Mad Florists'

Mad Florists RTR TV

Who are the Mad Florists?

Florists Chrissy and Hannah are two women who describe themselves as mad crazy about flowers all the way. Others describe them as just mad. But there is no doubt in anyones mind that these ladies know their stuff and they love to talk and talk about flowers... and anything that springs to mind.

Chrissy and Hannah met whilst working in and managing one of the largest flower companies in the UK and their relationship has bloomed into one of the most liked and respected Florist duos within the industry. The online floristry company is the only one of its kind to receive a Global Queens Award for Industry.


Floristry enjoys great popularity with an estimated industry worth of three billion pounds to UK economy and is growing with both hobbyists and as a profession. Our audience will discover all Floristry has to offer in the capable hands of our two Mad Florists and their team of florists and students from the Mad School of Floristry.

Throughout the series we will dip into the many aspects of the floristry world, meeting a variety of characters all of whom are truly passionate about their craft.

Will it be a celebrity client in need of some floral designs? Or a Royal commission for an important social occassion. Or perhaps just a quintessential English country fete. Whatever the call, our ladies will be there showcasing their talents, educating us and no doubt getting up to some mischief along the way.

Each episode our Florists will be set a challenge which will allow the ladies and their team of floristry students to truly flex their creative flair and produce a unique showpiece worthy of their name.

Journeying far and wide to source the best flowers, talk to the biggest and often craziest of growers and get a unique behind the scenes look at the flower industry. The girls will have us marvelling at the vast scale and complexity of it all. Amazing viewers with what it takes to provide us with both the simplest and grandest of arrangements.

But it's not all just fun and hijinks, whether it's out and about or back at their country workshop the Florists will always find a moment to take us through the construction of a topical bouquet. Encouraging and cultivating a passion for floristry with an attainable appeal.

Think Hairy Bikers meets Choccywoccydoodah, The Mad Florists will be looking into local tastes and styles, stumbling on the surreal and enjoying the bizarre nature of showcase builds and designs. No matter what the occasion - from garden parties, to country weddings, from grand ballroom galas to vast charity events and some iconic Floral showcases such as Chelsea Flower Show - the Mad Florists will be there getting stuck in as only they can.

Throughout the series the Mad Florists will look to educate, entertain and surprise the viewers with the truly vast world that floristry has to offer while making us laugh and smile along the way.

Potential Episodes

It must be Fete
Commissioned Piece 'Outfitting A Whole Field of Sheep with Flower Coats.'
  • The Florists are asked to judge at a big Country Summer Fete
  • Tutorials/Make-along-at-home for Summer Bouquet
  • Farmer tasks the girls for a big surprise for his fiance who he plans to propose to
  • Exploring the use of floral veg in displays
  • Decorating the Tractor Parade
  • Showpiece Organisation and reveal
  • The judging event
Flower Power (Festivals)
Commissioned Piece 'VW Camper made out of flowers.'
  • Festival Organisers Commission the ladies for the main showpiece
  • Tutorials/Make-along-at-home for Boho Chic Accessories
  • The Florists talk to random festival goers and get them involved in Floristry
  • The Florists have a bake off style challenge featuring a couple of musicians.
  • The Florists open up a stand at the festival to promote flower power.
  • Showpiece build and reveal
Monte Carlo or Bust
Commissioned Piece 'Extravagant Display for Large Yacht'
  • Wealthy Business person Commissioning the ladies for the main showpiece
  • The Florists Decorate their Car with flowers for the journey
  • The Florists undertake Monte Carlo or Bust in their decorated car
  • The Florists pay homage to the history of Monte Carlo and the glamour i.e 'Princess Grace of Monaco'
  • Tutorials/Make-along-at-home decadent bouquet
  • Meeting a couple of celeb party goers and getting them involved with floristry
  • Showpiece build and reveal
Four Weddings and a Funeral
Commissioned Piece 'A Wedding Dress made of Flowers'
  • A wealthy member of the public commissions the ladies for the main showpiece a fantasy Tolkien style wedding in a meadow scene with a dress made purely from flowers.
  • Tutorials/Make-along-at-home for Wedding Accessories.
  • The Florists go out into nature to get inspired and fall a little too much into character
  • The Florists look into general wedding floristry and create 4 designs.
  • The Florists involve the wedding guests during the commissioned showpiece construction.
  • The Florists discuss funerals and create the perfect funeral bouquet.
  • Showpiece build and reveal.
High Society
Commissioned Piece 'A decadent centre piece display (obscenely expensive)'
  • High society member commissioning the ladies for the main showpiece.
  • Tutorials/Make-along-at-home for fancy table displays.
  • The Florists take a walk around a stately home gardens for inspiration.
  • The Florists talk to some of the high society folks about their tastes in flowers and thoughts for the event.
  • The ladies go to get outfitted for the event.
  • The Florists travel to source flowers for the build.
  • Showpiece build and reveal.
Chelsea or Tatton?
Commissioned Piece 'An entry for one of the shows'
  • The Florists celebrate that they were accepted to enter the show.
  • The Florists look at past entries and talk to previous entrants to learn what is required.
  • The Florists decide to partner with a top sculptor on their design.
  • The Florists travel around to holland to find inspiration for the build
  • The Florists visit the Van Gogh Painting of the Sunflowers and decide on a theme
  • The Florists visit growers in Holland to source flowers for the build
  • Tutorials/Make-along-at-home in holland for a sunflower based display
  • Showpiece build and reveal.
A Royal Occasion
Commissioned Piece 'Giant Corgi made out of flowers '
  • Local Lord commissioning the Florists for the main showpiece.
  • The Florists talk about their experience meeting the royals and receiving their Queens Award.
  • The Florists go to Royal attractions for inspiration.
  • The Florists settle on the design for their build.
  • Tutorials/Make-along-at-home for a very British Bouquet.
  • Showpiece build.
  • The ladies enjoy the party and meet some of the guests.
  • The 'barking mad' reveal of the Giant Corgi.
The Mad Lovers (Valentines Special)
Commissioned Piece 'A gathering (in the centre of a UK city) with 500 couples and 1000 Red Roses forming a sea of flowers. '
  • A dating firm commission the Florists for the main showpiece.
  • Tutorials/Make-along-at-home for Romantic Flower ladies.
  • How to make the perfect Valentine Bouquet.
  • The Florists split up and go there separate ways to find what they both think is the most romantic flower then come together to compare and contrast.
  • The Florists meeting an eccentric rose grower and showcasing the endless fields of roses he has.
  • The Florists meeting members of the public drumming up interest for their event.
  • Showpiece organisation and reveal.
Dreaming of a Mad Christmas
Commissioned Piece 'Extravagant Christmas Tree & House Decoration'. . '
  • Celeb commissioning the ladies for the main showpiece
  • Tutorials/Make-along-at-home for Christmas Decorations.
  • Visit to Munich for inspiration
  • Snowy hill/mountain bouquet building
  • Making decorations with locals.
  • Showpiece organisation and reveal.